“If you are not having fun while you are doing your job, that means you are not doing it right.”

Fran Tarkenton American Football Player


We are an advocate of polyphony… We love bringing together different tones in the most harmonious way…We follow an integrated approach thanks to our unified team spirit…We aim to be the indispensable business partners to our clients through our outstanding projects…

With a vibrant and boundless energy, we are passionate about helping national and global corporations through services that span a wide array , from conference organizations, event managements to domestic & international travel, as well as turning into reality the most innovative, creative ideas.


“The reward of a thing well done,
is having done it.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson Author

We enjoy doing our job. We shine through our collaboration with our clients and thanks to the pleasure we get from a job well-done. One cannot miss seeing the satisfaction we feel reflected in all our endeavours.

Through customized planning for your needs, accommodating your every request:

  • We can coordinate any type of meeting in the best and most effective way; from branch meetings to internal communication meetings, from press events to training events …
  • We can help raise your firm’s internal motivational bar…
  • We can enable you to make a difference at your internal training events.
  • We can integrate all the new technologies with our knowledge…
  • We can provide professional support during your domestic and international meetings by shouldering on your regular workload.

“If you have always done it that way,
it is probably wrong.”

Charles F. Kettering Inventor

If your objective is to organize a memorable event, you need to set yourself apart and stand out. To stand out, you need an original idea or a concept. And to put that idea into action, you need appropriate planning.

We would like for every single one of our events to be memorable, as a matter of fact. An extensive list of different types of functions and events that include concept projects, field activities, roadshows, product trial launches (test drives), expo organizations, festivals, company parties and social responsibility activities, will be organized at the highest standards and customized to meet your objectives.

  • We would plan each element with utmost detail, execute it into the project, while offering strategic solutions.
  • We would bring a different outlook to your opening events, award ceremonies.
  • We would motivate your target audience, we would entertain them, or if you so wish even make them experience an emotion-filled function.

“There is a lot of remarkable ideas out there,
what’s missing is the will to execute them..”

Seth Godin Author

We are always excited to unite our best ideas with your best projects!

Within the scope of yet another wide range of services, we devise and offer meticulously crafted creative concepts for your projects, such as customized visual design, project planning for events, text and content development, printed event literature, prototype presentation, 3D designs and many more.

  • We create designs in harmony with the concept of your event or function, we develop the catch-phrase for it…
  • We brainstorm, we resolve, and we execute.
  • We think, design and present in three dimensions
  • And we turn every concept, idea and project into a visual design reality.

See the world. It is more fantastic than any
dream made or paid for in factories.”

Ray Bradbury Science-Fiction author

It does not matter where your event will take place. Really. Because the “WORLD” is in our hands. We can transport our inventive and original ideas firmly rooted on strategic foundations to anywhere in the world with the same ardor as at home.

Long distances are not beyond reach for us. We can organize your special event or special project, such as a meeting abroad or an incentive group function, maintaining our very same standards no matter where the location is.

  • Rest assured that we would construct the best and most effective event for your needs at the best-suited location.
  • Stepping out of the old conventions, we would make it possible for you to experience the local culture and cuisine of the destination country and enable your event participants gain brand new insights.